Volume 12 (4), September 2022, Pages 11-21

1Ismail Sadigov, 2Ghazala Kheyrabadi

1Professor, Department of Mechanics, Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction, Ph.D., Azerbaijan.

 2Assistant, Department of Mechanics, Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University, Azerbaijan. E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Spherical shells are used in many areas of industry. Spherical shells are widely used in the construction of various facilities (workshops, testing laboratories, tanks, etc.). They are also used in aircraft construction, ship structures, etc. Also, the results of studies of spherical shells can be used in the equation of vibrations, including radial vibrations, in the liners of spherical bearings. And also in the study of conical shells including free vibrations in the definitions of the action of tangential inertial forces, the use of the Ritz method.

Keywords: Shell vibrations, free and forced vibrations, orthogonal coordinate system, equations of momentless theory, Lame parameters, tangential inertial forces, Kirchhoff-Love assumptions, nonlinear vibrations, radial vibrations.