Volume 13 (1), February 2023, Pages 92-98

Rustam Abaszada

Offshore piping design engineer, Piping engineering, SOCAR-KBR LLC. Magistrate in increasing stability and repairing pieces of equipment, Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University. Email id: Этот адрес электронной почты защищён от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра.


 The article dedicated  "Submerged arc welding and meltıng technology" method, which is one of the technologies for repairing friction-worn parts of oil and gas equipment.

The efficiency, technological regime,advantages of the process are noted, and it is also shown that this method is used today in the oil industry and shipbuilding.

With these methods, the repairing of a part of the pieces corroded by friction, as well as the possibility of welding steel plates of different grades and thicknesses, was reflected.

In determining welding procedures for certain applications, the welding engineer must first take into account the specific welding qualities required, since in practice, although some factors can be determined quite accurately, others change during manufacturing process.

Arc voltage, electrode selection, welding speed are important considerations in determining operating mode, and the penetration caused by high voltage combined with low speed is indicated accordingly.

The supply of agent (glycerin) to the recently created attachment zone is indicated. It reduces the thermal impact of the cooling arc on the half and will increase the cooling rate of the deposited and metal, decreasing the deformation and self-heating of the adjacent elements of the half. Besides, the liquid serves to safeguard the liquid metal from the harmful effects of chemical element and gas.

Keywords: overheating, vibration, crack, arc voltage, welding defects, welding speed, technical glycerin, soda ash.